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The Florida Kiwanis Foundation has partnered with QGIV to assist with online donations. With QGiv it is easier to support your Florida Kiwanis Foundation. As you make a donations, there are certain forms that now allow you to breakup donations in smaller parts, there are options to make recurring donations or a one time donations. We are excited with our new partnership and we hope it makes things simpler and quicker for you to help the foundation to continue to make a difference.

Legacy Society
The Florida Kiwanis Foundation established the Legacy Society to recognize and honor the generosity of those persons whose major gifts provide for the future of the Florida Kiwanis District through its foundation.  Their gift truly creates a lasting legacy by continuing to help serve the world, one community and one child at a time.  Donations to the Legacy Society go directly to the endowment. Since only earnings are spent, your gift is truly everlasting.
Documentation of donations and gifts must be received by the Foundation Executive Director to authenticate eligibility. >> Download Brochure
Annual Club Gift Campaign
$6.00 per member is the minimum recommended level of giving in the Florida Kiwanis Foundation’s Annual Club Gift Campaign. Payment by December 31st is encouraged. Funds can be taken from the club’s service account
The Sustaining Member program of the Foundation is vital for the issuance of grants to clubs for project assistance. By virtue of being a Kiwanian in good standing in the Florida District of Kiwanis, a Kiwanian is a “Basic” member of the Florida Kiwanis Foundation. However, each Kiwanian is requested to contribute at least $25 per year to the Foundation and become a Sustaining Member rather than a Basic member.Income received from Sustaining Member applications and renewals goes directly into the Grants Fund and is redistributed to the clubs in the form of grants. Although the Grants Fund also receives income from the Foundation Endowment, our endowment is not sufficient yet to fund grant requests. Thus it is very important that we receive annual payments into the Grants Fund from sources outside the Endowment Fund.

Sustaining members will be a Robert W. Thal fellow after contributing to the program for 20 years or more. Robert W. Thal membership is open to those that wish to speed up the clock and contribute a lump sum of $500 less $25 for each year they have contributed to the Sustaining Membership program.For example: If a Kiwanian has contributed to the Sustaining Membership program for 12 years ($25 x 12 = $300) he/she could join the Robert W. Thal Life Fellowship by making up the difference in a lump sum payment ( $500 – $300 = $200).

>> Download Brochure

Ralph Davis
This Fellowship is an elite group of super dedicated Kiwanians and friends to Kiwanis that have either donated $1000 or more to the endowment fund, or so moved others to contribute $1000 or more in their name. Each Ralph Davis Fellow is given a serialized medallion to wear around their neck at Kiwanis functions, as well as a wall shadow box and a lapel pin.  
Additional contributions are noted as Diamond Level Ralph Davis awards and are so noted by the a change in the color of the neck ribbon and the issuance of jewel embedded pins denoting the Diamond Level. Occasionally, matching donation programs cover part of the contribution.The funds go directly into the Endowment Fund to insure a lasting legacy for the children. Income from the Endowment Fund is redistributed by way of grants to local clubs for project assistance.
Caring Corner The Caring Corner is a Bazaar held at the District Convention and generally planned for by the spouse of the incoming governor.  Clubs and individuals are asked to donate quality items that can be sold – all monies going to the Foundation’s Grant Fund.The Caring Corner is operated as a Florida District of Kiwanis project and a gift to the Florida Kiwanis Foundation.  

The Foundation is not involved with this fund raiser, but the generosity of the people that toil for days and hours on end can not be measured in adequate terms. 

Corporate Giving
Corporate giving is an area that is newly developing. Traditionally, the
Florida Kiwanis Foundation has sought funds from member Kiwanians. However, our pool of approximately 11,000 members is not large enough to adequately fund the programs we have planned for our youth groups. Such a well defined group of influential people is a perfect target for corporations seeking to expand their name recognition, customer base, or overall exposure.
We are open to suggestions if it will ultimately serve the children in a manner that is keeping with the high ideals espoused by Kiwanis International. 
An easy way to help out the Florida Kiwanis Foundation is by purchasing Presentation Plaques through the Foundation. Most clubs honor their outgoing presidents or a Kiwanian of the Year with a special plaque.
When you order these plaques through the Foundation, the club is making a donation to the Foundation, and as such, can take the funds from their foundation or charitable account. Otherwise, they would have to take the funds from the administrative account which is always a strain on many clubs.The cost to order a plaque is $100.  Orders can be sent to


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