Why Donate?


Building the Foundation means growing the endowment fund.  The endowment of any foundation is the backbone of its existence and is the tool that allows for the continuation of programs. Kiwanis touches the lives of people of all ages, but where it matters, Young Children are Priority One!!

Ralph Davis was the first president of the foundation and in his honor, we have creatingThe Ralph Davis Fellowship. Kiwanians, friends, groups and clubs that contribute $1000 or more can designate someone for membership in the Fellowship. The funds raised in this manner go directly into the endowment fund of the foundation, where only the income is used to support club projects, youth leadership programs and issue scholarships.

One of the driving forces in the creation of the Foundation was Robert W. Thal.  In his honor, we have created The Robert W. Thal Life Member Fellowship.  Although annual givers are the life blood in sustaining the programs of the Foundation, dedicated Kiwanians can “jump ahead” and pay the difference between their accumulated support to date and the 20 year mark of $500.  One half of the lump sum payments goes directly into the endowment fund.  The other one half goes directly to the grants fund as if it being paid one year at a time.



The Foundation exists for several reasons. One is to aid clubs with projects that may be bigger than they alone can handle.  This is similar to the philosophy of Kiwanis.  A single volunteer can only do so much.  Together, groups of Kiwanians can do much. So it is with club projects.  If everyone gave a little to the whole, the outcome is staggering.

If the endowment is the backbone of the foundation, then annually contributing Sustaining Members make up the life blood.  Until such time as the endowment can fully fund all grant requests, the amount disbursed each year in the form of grants, leadership development programs (Key Club and CKI), and scholarships must be raised again and again…   Sustaining Members contribute a minimum of $25 annually and the sum goes directly into the Grants Fund. No amount of these funds are used for operating expenses.  They are exhausted each year, creating immediate impact on the children in the state. Talk about getting the largest bang for your buck!

Clubs that sponsor youth programs such as CKI, Key Club, Builder’s clubs, K-Kids, and or AKtion clubs are encouraged to seek 100% involvement from their club members.  Those clubs that do achieve 100% membership are recognized.



The Foundation exists as a tool for Kiwanis clubs and our various youth organizations such as CKI, Key Club, Builder’s clubs, K-Kids, and AKtion clubs. There is structure, planning, training, accounting and accountability, investment strategies, governance, oversight, policies and procedures and a wide range of dedicated individuals, trustees and officers that work hard to preserve the functionality and the image of the Foundation so that it is there, continues to be there when needed, and will be there in the future.

Because the Foundation is a tool for use by the Kiwanis Clubs of Florida, it is imperative that each club do its part to cover the necessary expenses of the foundation operation.   We do not ask much.  Just $6 per member per year.

Donations from clubs, called the Annual Giving Program, go toward operating expenses.  This is our only source of operating expense funds. We do this so that no funds collected from Individual Kiwanians or the public at-large need be used for operational expenses.