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If you have not yet joined Snazzy Travelor, simply go to the appropriate app for your
or and use promo code
FLKiwanisTravel to open your free Snazzy Traveler account. 

If you have any issues getting on Snazzy Traveler, please contact Bob Minningan at


Florida Kiwanis Foundation has partnered with Snazzy Traveler to bring exclusive savings and travel options to you.

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of an exclusive travel benefits program through Kiwanis of Florida for all members and their families, friends and associates.

The program offers over 400,000 hotels, car rental options, cruises and other travel activities and options globally at pricing that ranges from 10-75% below published pricing anywhere.

And this exclusive offer is absolutely free to Kiwanis members. By simply using the exclusive promo code FLKiwanisTravel members can open a free account that normally costs $99 per year and have unlimited access to travel savings worldwide.

We are all excited to be able to offer this exclusive wholesale travel program to our membership and give them all access to these savings for years to come.


With your FREE snazzy Traveler membership valued at $99 you gain access to unlimited savings on thousands of hotels, cars, cruises, activities and more all year long.

Go to and enter your exclusive Promo Code: FLKiwanisTravel to join the Snazzy members who are already saving hundreds on travel each year!


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