Each Grant Program is designed for a specific purpose. Review the program summaries below. Guidelines and application forms may be download below.

Matching Grant

The Matching Grant Program requires a formal application from a Kiwanis club or a division from within the Florida District. The current maximum grant allowed is $10,000. This is to allow the greatest distribution of our limited funds. A club or division is only eligible for a grant every 5 years. The funds must be used for capital improvement. The club or division contribution to the project must equal or exceed that of the grant.

The Matching Grants applications are approved in two separate cycles. Cycle I cutoff is December 31st so that the Grant Committee has time to review the applications in time for the mid-winter board meeting (usually held in February). Cycle II cutoff date is June 30th so that the Grant Committee has time to review the applications in time for the DCON Board Meeting (usually in August).

Although it is not a requirement for a club to have contributed to the Foundation Annual Gift program, or have Foundation Sustaining Members on its roster, preference is given to those clubs and divisions that have shown a history of support for the Foundation.

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Mini Grant

The Mini-Grant program is new and the concept was approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors during the 2011-2012 administrative year. $5,000 has been placed into the Foundation budget for the 2012-2013 year to fund the Mini-Grant program.

The Mini-Grant program is less formal than the Matching Grant program and will continue on a first come first served basis until the funds are exhausted. The Foundation President will make a determination as to the acceptability of any Mini-Grant application, and if approved, funds will be processed immediately.

There is a simple one page application form for the Mini-Grant and the maximum request is $750.00. The amount does not need to be matched by the club nor does the request need to cover capital expenses.

The program was created for assistance to small clubs with little resources. Priority for these awards is given to the smaller clubs, of 35 members or less, with limited service budgets.

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Emergency Grant

The Emergency Grant program is new to the Foundation, established during the 2011-2012 administrative year but based on an older concept that was applied during the time of Hurricane Charley.
The Foundation contributes to the Emergency Fund each year and funds are also collected from private donations designated for “emergency fund” through the year.

In the case of an emergency disaster somewhere in the Florida District of Kiwanis, the Foundation President and the District Governor will meet to confirm the existance of an emergency disaster and then formally declare select areas of the District as a Disaster Area and that funds are available from thr Florida Kiwanis Foundation.

Emergency Grant requests shall be sent by club letterhead to the Foundation Office. Maximum requests for funds shall be $2,000.00. Funds will be available until the existing fund is depleted.

The Emergency funds need not be matched by the club and do not need to be for capital improvements. Expenditures for food, clothing, temporary comfort, both physical and emotional are acceptable.

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