Grant Application Instructions

The Florida Kiwanis Foundation considers Grant Applications twice a year in what we term Cycle I and Cycle II.  Each Cycle has an application deadline.  Grant Applications must be received on or before the deadline date.
Deadline for Cycle 1:  December 15th
Deadline for Cycle II:  June 15th

The Florida Kiwanis Foundation Grant Application is designed to give the officers and trustees enough information about your project to make a valid assessment of the financial needs of the project and subsequently approve the grant request. A rejection is in no way a commentary on the worth of your project. The Foundation receives more requests than funds available for disbursement and so must adhere to a strict set of guidelines concerning completeness of the application and the planned use of funds.

The Application may be hand written, typed, or computer generated. Please consider the following comments closely when completing the application:

1) Enter the name of the Kiwanis Club applying for the grant and the Division number. If this is a Division project of the whole Division or several clubs together, leave the name blank, enter “Yes” to the question: Is this a Division project? Obtain the signatures of the Club president, the Lt Governor, and the Foundation Trustee. In the case of a Division project, only two signatures (Lt Gov and Trustee) are required. Applications without signatures will be immediately rejected.

2) Provide key contact information. This does not have to be the Club President, but the person that can answer pertinent questions about the project. Typically, this is the person that completes the application.

3a) Give the project a name. Enter the maximum amount requested. Give a brief summary of the project. List what attachments are being included with the application. In the attachments, give a more detailed description of the project commenting on every budget line item needed. Pictures help sell the project, but be sure to include captions and explanations.

3b) Proposed project income: Total project cost less all sources of income (or shortfall) must equal the grant request. Check whether the funds have been requested. Check whether the funds have been received. The Club contribution line must equal or exceed the grant request. This is the proposed budget. The status of actual funds will be reported in section 8e.

3c) Proposed expenses: Break down all costs into the included categories. If something does not fit, enter the figure in the ‘other’ category and attach an explanation. The total proposed expenses should equal the total project specified in section 3b.

Sections 3d) and sections 4 through 7 are self explanatory. Enter narrative. Do not leave blank!

8a – 8g) The information in section 8 is not mandatory, but is used to evaluate the application with respect to other applications received in the same cycle. If funds are limited, an otherwise very acceptable project may get rejected if this comparative information is not supplied. It is important to note that a history of supporting the Foundation will always be a deciding factor when funds are limited. Club annual contributions support the administrative operations of the Foundation. Sustaining Memberships directly impacts the funds available for grant disbursement.

Procedures Upon Award of a Grant

1. Upon award of a grant by the Board of Trustees, a Kiwanis club or division should request the approved funds from the Division Trustee when the club or division is ready to start the project and spend the funds. Funds should be applied for in the current fiscal year.

2. The Division Trustee will request the approved funds from the Executive Director and, upon receipt of the funds, shall present the grant award to the receiving club or division at the start of the project.

3. The receiving club or division shall expend the grant funds on the project for which the grant was approved within six months of the date of issuance of the funds.

4. The Division Trustee and Lieutenant Governor shall confirm to the Board of Trustees in writing that the grant funds were used for the project for which the grant award was approved.

5. The Division Trustee shall make reasonable efforts to have the receiving club or division obtain media publicity in the local community that will benefit from the project for which the grant award was approved.

6. A club that submits an application for grant funds shall have made its annual support contribution to the Florida Kiwanis Foundation at the date of the application in order to be considered for a grant award.

7. A club or the clubs in the division shall maintain liability insurance on the project for which the grant award was approved, so as to indemnify the Florida Kiwanis Foundation.

8. The Florida Kiwanis Foundation shall be named and given appropriate credit for its participation in the funding of the project for which the grant award was approved.

9. A club or division that receives a grant award shall provide a written report to the Board of Trustees within twelve months of the issuance of the award on the status and impact on the local community of the project for which the grant award was approved.

10. A grant award made to a club or division shall further the goals and ideals of Kiwanis, as well as promote the growth and development of Kiwanis in the local community.

11. The decisions of the Board of Trustees of the Florida Kiwanis Foundation shall be final regarding consideration of grant applications and issuance of grant awards.