Mini-Grants Guidelines

1. Mini-Grants are awarded to clubs within the Florida District of Kiwanis that express an urgent need for funds by completing the grant application posted on the website, signed by the Club President and Division Trustee and forward to FKF, c/o George Leonard, 1485 North Atlantic Avenue #102, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931.

2. The members of the Executive Committee and other Division Trustees selected by the Foundation President will review the applications and deem it acceptable to the guidelines provided herein.

3. Mini-Grant requests must be $750 or less and will be issued on a first come first served basis until any budgeted amount has been exhausted. Only one Mini-Grant may be issued to any club per year.

4. Mini-Grants should be used to assist a Kiwanis club within the Florida District of Kiwanis with a project that contributes to the achievement of the Objects of Kiwanis International, specifically, a project that enhances the lives of young children and youth in their community, in accordance with the mission of the Florida Kiwanis Foundation.

How will it benefit the community and/or its youth.  What goods or services will the funds be used to supply.  Who will benefit and how?  List ages and number of beneficiaries.

5. It is NOT a requirement that Mini-Grant funds be used for capital expense, however the payment of salaries is not allowed. Travel expenses and one time expenditures may be included, but considering the restricted amount of a MiniGrant, such expenditures will only be considered in hardship cases and for the immediate benefit of youth. Explain details on application.

6. Grants will not be approved if request is received after the project is completed.

7. Mini-Grants are intended to supplement funds and other resources secured by the applying club. Clubs that have substantial resources, in the judgment of the Officers and Division Trustee, wherein the applied for Mini-Grant would comprise a very small percentage of their overall project budget, will not be considered for a  Mini-Grant. Priority for these awards is given to the smaller clubs, of 35 members or less, with limited service budgets.

8. Mini-Grants should be made to supplement project shortfalls or unexpected expenses that fall outside the original scope of the project. Funds to sustain the functioning of a project on an on-going basis must be provided by a club or division. If funds are to be used for projects that have been done before, appropriate reasoning must be given why they are requested at this time.

9. Preference in awarding Mini-Grants is given clubs that have historically supported the Foundation through Annual Support Contribution, Caring Corner support gifts, Sustaining Memberships, Memorial Gifts, and Ralph Davis Fellow

10. These Guidelines assist the Officers in making informed decisions about the best use of Foundation funds to support clubs with worthy projects. Each MiniGrant request is considered on its individual merits, in the best judgment of the Foundation officers and trustees, in the best interests of the applying club, and principally within the mission of the Florida Kiwanis Foundation.

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