Greetings Florida Kiwanis Foundation Members!

Thank you for kicking off our “Golden Jubilee” celebration with us! We have had a blast recognizing donors, leaders, volunteers, and traditions of our past fifty years! Also, we look forward to three more incredible Jubilee Webinars: Young Children Priority One series tomorrow July 7 at 7 pm, July 14, and July 21.

This year we have done quite a bit of celebrating and as we reflect on the past with the guidance of Committee Chairs, we come together to plan for tomorrow and the vision of the future. We know tomorrow holds even more promise! Can you imagine everything we can accomplish in the next 50 years together?

With this in mind, we are asking 50 members to host a Facebook Fundraiser to support your Florida Kiwanis Foundation with a goal of raising $250 within a two-week timespan. We are asking that all fundraisers be completed by July 30. Please find cover photos, sample posts, sample graphics, and state impact numbers for your use conveniently located on our blog!

At our Florida Kiwanis Foundation Board Meeting, we will provide an update on the progress and answer any questions you may have!

Can we count on you to host a Facebook Fundraiser as a part of the 50th Anniversary Challenge? If you would prefer not to host a fundraiser, you could make a gift directly to the Foundation. Together we can create another 50 years of difference in the state of Florida! We are thankful for your continued support!

With Gratitude,

Florida Kiwanis Foundation Team

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Let’s Talk About Impact

  • Florida Kiwanis Foundation has given 332 mini-grants of $250- $700 to small Florida Kiwanis clubs!
  • Throughout the last six years, Florida Kiwanis Foundation has provided $51,900 toward hurricane relief.
  • Florida Kiwanis Foundation has dispersed over $275,000 towards Key Club Grants since 2014. 
  • Florida Kiwanis Foundation has had the pleasure of awarding over $100,000 in J. Walker Field Scholarships. 
  • The J. Walker Field Scholarship program was created ten years ago for graduating Florida Key Club high school seniors. Since its creation, over 66 different Key Clubs have had members awarded scholarships. 
  • As of today, 114 Florida Key Club members have received the J. Walker Field Scholarship. 
  • In the 2020-2021 at the Key Club Virtual Conference, Florida Kiwanis Foundation recognized 18 recipients of the J. Walker Field Scholarship. 

This is only a small picture of the difference Florida Kiwanis Foundation has been able to create in the last fifty years! Our growth and success is a direct reflection of our members’ generosity. It is these caring individuals who have been essential in our 50 years of dedication, service, and crafting a legacy for children.


Stay tuned! We will be providing more information regarding Facebook Fundraising throughout this week!

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