Published 4-15-2016

Woodland Hall Academy (WHA) staff and students were excited on April 14th to be presented a $4,500 matching grant check from Florida Kiwanis Foundation which was added to the $4,500 that Northside Kiwanis Club had raised to assist the school in replacing a 12-year-old copy machine.  WHA is a nonprofit school for bright students with dyslexia, ADHD,  and related learning differences which has served the Big Bend Area since 1975.

“Our copier has been on the obsolete list for a year and we couldn’t get parts for it.  We are a small not for profit school and this $9,000 expenditure was not in this year’s budget.  Because we individualize so much of our classroom materials for our students who have dyslexia, ADHD, or related learning differences, our copy machine plays a huge part in our  program.” Ms. Rennick, Program Director of WHA, reported.

Enter Northside Kiwanis Club:  Past President Gavin Boone asked Northside Kiwanis to become partners with Woodland Hall Academy and raise $4500 as well as apply for a matching grant from Florida Kiwanis Foundation.  Northside agreed and applied for the grant and raised its $4,500 portion.

Enter Copyfax 2000: Ms. Rennick said, “We approached Copyfax 2000 because of their great reputation and the fact that Walton Monk, a former WHA student, is the owner.  Copyfax found us a great copier and was able to obtain a nonprofit discount which other companies had not offered.”

Small, nonprofit organizations like Woodland Hall Academy rely on partnerships with the community to allow them to fulfill their missions.  WHA is truly appreciative of our partnerships.


Picture left to Right:  1) Tommy Mills,  Former Lt. Gov. Kiwanis Division 03 2) Arley Hugghins, Woodland Hall Academy parent, 3) Jim Wylie, Florida Kiwanis Foundation Trustee Division 03, 4) Walton Monk, Copyfax, 5) Gavin Boone, Past President Northside Kiwanis Club, 6) Robyn A. Rennick, Program Director Woodland Hall Academy, 6) Amber Mitchell, Principal Woodland Hall Academy


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