As Kiwanians, there have been a number of times in meetings and workshops where we have all been asked if we would like to share our Kiwanis Moment.

For me, there have been quite a few impactful moments over the years that have made me feel good to be a Kiwanian.  

There are so many ways that a club member can be involved in making that positive difference in the lives of others.  You know what they are – the needs in our communities are many – student leadership mentoring, raising money for scholarships, helping with relief programs following natural disasters. The opportunity to serve has always been endless.

Currently, everyone’s lives are being impacted in some way during this new crisis – COVID 19.  Our community heroes are everywhere – finding unique and powerful ways in which to serve – participating in local food drives, sewing face masks and sharing hard to find basic supplies with neighbors in need.

In the last few years, our club has sponsored a weekend food backpack program for our local Elementary School.  Of course, since our schools have been closed, the food program came to an abrupt stop in mid-March.  Unfortunately, the need has not.  So, with the help of our club member and school resource officer, we were able to reach out to the students’ families and a food collection and delivery was planned.

On the day of the delivery and armed with a list of 20 names and addresses, my navigator and I started out with a van full of food baskets, toiletries, games and cleaning supplies.  It was a heartwarming experience with each family making us feel welcomed.

So was that the Kiwanis moment for me that day?  Well, it certainly could and would have been more than enough to be so.

But on our very last stop for the day, a family with three children came to the doorway with the oldest being a 3rd grade student who came out to pick up the donated supplies.  When she peered into the van her eyes opened wide and with a big smile she excitedly asked if the empty pink basket could be hers.  Nothing else – just the basket.  It was the simple joy of receiving that pink basket that made her day!  And for me?  What a humbling experience to realize that it isn’t always the big things that we think will bring joy.  

The gift of a pink basket was her Kiwanis moment – and mine.



by Gwen Leys, Kiwanis Club of Pompano Beach


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