A Playful Heart

By Dr. Walter Drew 

Dr. Wil Blechman was a dedicated champion of play in the lives of both young children and adults! Dr. Wil knew how play strengthened brain function and nourished emotional wellbeing, whether for the young or old. His supportive leadership and encouragement to develop play as a Young Children Priority One Project has been an inspiration to me and for many of us within the Kiwanis family. I had the privilege of presenting a Hands, Heart & Mind Play Workshop with Dr. Wil during the 2007 Kiwanis International Convention in San Antonio. Kneeling before the group, Dr. Wil reminded us that creative play is about actively participating, enjoying the doing and the making which is a sure way of developing healthy, happy young children and the essential life skills they need to succeed as adults. He viewed play as a revitalizing force and encouraged us to remain playful over our whole lifetime. Dr. Wil inspired me! He was a man of warmth, wisdom, and high principles who always greeted me with a smile and a hearty handshake.

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