Endowment Fund

Long-term funding for support of sponsored programs and club grants is provided by means of the Endowment Fund. This is an investment account managed by a professional financial planner in Spring Hill, Florida, with oversight by a committee of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and an investment policy reviewed and approved periodically by the Board. By Board policy, a percentage of the interest and dividends earned from these investments is used to fund these programs, with amounts above that level used to grow the investment portfolio.

Gifts of $1,000.00 that result in Ralph Davis Fellow recognitions, as well as all income derived from estate planning gifts of at least $5,000.00 with membership in the Florida Kiwanis Legacy Society, are designated by the Board of Trustees for the Endowment Fund. Investment yields in excess of the percent set by the Board for Grants programs also are applied to growth of this Fund.

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