Dear Builders Club Advisors,

It’s Sunday evening and I am thinking of Wednesday morning! 

I am looking forward to the Builders Club Play Workshop and thought you would appreciate viewing the attached DRAFT SCHEDULE. It outlines the workshop activities planned. The idea is to engage the students in an enjoyable discovery learning experience involving setting things up and putting things together. After a 15 minute solitary, silent self active play and art making experience, students have a time to reflect and share insights by journaling, drawing and/or taking about what happened. Students will be  calm, relax and explore three dimensional materials without interruption or much prescription. They will be free to investigate and create some physical arrangement, pattern, or construction. The children imagine and create then assign personal meaning. Please encourage the children to have paper and pencils or pen available. .  

  1. Sets of play materials for the students have been sent to each of you as requested. If possible, please distribute the materials to the students before the workshop begins, given tme is short. Students explore and use the materials to construct any sort of weird “Bug”, or anything else, they may like. I thought mentioning “Building Bugs!”, may be helpful to a reluctant student who is uget started.nsure where too begin.
  2. Following the building experience the students would have opportunity to draw and/or write about their “Bug” or whatever!. This form of three dimensional, open-ended play is a creative thinking and literacy building, STEM related process. It also strengthens a sense ow wellbeing and the capacity for self expression. 
  3. After the play, journaling, drawing and/or writing, students have opportunity talk about and share about their play experience. This reflective narrative experience empowers self-confidence, and a sense of wellbeing within a Builders Club community context.

Please let me now if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns. Please feel free to call or email me any question.. 

I have also included a single sheet on the Principles of Self Active Play.

I look forward to being with you Wednesday!

Play, love, peace,


Walter F. Drew, Ed.D.

Institute for Self Active Education

Reusable Resources Adventure Center

Kiwanis Club of Melbourne

Melbourne Beach, FL 32951

M: 321-223-0165

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