In 2021, the Florida Kiwanis Foundation was excited to launch our David and Donna Batelaan Service Leadership Program Grant (SLP). As a result, we wanted to share more information about this special grant program and answer potential questions.

  1. Can you apply to this year each year? YES.
  2. What Service Leadership Program (SLP) can apply? Aktion Clubs, Builders Club, Key Clubs and Circle K.
  3. Who applies for the grant? The SLP or sponsoring Kiwanis Club can apply for the SLP.
  4. Does the SLP or Kiwanis Club receive the grant funds? The grant funds go directly to the SLP.
  5. Does the service project have to be oriented towards children with disabilities? No.
  6. Is there a grant process? YES, all grant applications are reviewed. There is no guarantee grant application with Florida Kiwanis Foundation.
  7. When are the grant application deadlines annually? June 15th and December 15th annually.
  8. Why is timing important? This grant cannot be for a reimbursement. The proposed grant service project needs to be after the grant will be reviewed and approved. For example, applications submitted for December 15th will be reviewed and presented at the FKF Board Meeting in March. This results in scheduling a service project for the middle of March or later.
  9. Do service activities at zone, regional, or state DCONs qualify under the guidelines? As of this year, the Grants Committee has approved service activities being held at DCONs.
  10. Is there someone I can call with my grant questions? Yes, please call our office! It would be our pleasure to walk you through ANY questions you may have. Call today 904-242-6776.

Thank you for your interest in our grant programs. It is our honor to serve Florida SLPs!


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