Do you host an annual Facebook Fundraiser for your #FloridaKiwanisFoundation ? We are appreciative of you leading this important social media campaign! And we want to give you some updated Facebook Covers!
Also, have you not hosted before but want to? Learn more below!
1. Open your browser and go to your account
2. On the left toolbar on Facebook, click Fundraisers
3. Then, on the left toolbar click Raise money
4. Click Nonprofit
5. Scroll or type in The Florida Kiwanis Foundation
6. On the left, enter the amount of money you would like to raise (suggested $250)
7. Then enter the date you would like to complete the fundraiser (suggested 2 weeks)
8. Click Create
You got this!! Don’t forget to share your Facebook Fundraiser with your friends and family!

2024 Golf Tournament

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