MANY grant program deadlines are approaching quickly on June 15th! As a result, we wanted to answer some of YOUR grant questions!

  1. Can you apply for a mini grant each year? YES
  2. Can you apply for a mini grant for an existing project? According to our guidelines, “8. Mini Grants should be made to supplement project shortfalls or unexpected expenses that fall outside the original scope of the project. Funds to sustain the functioning of a project on an on-going basis must be provided by a club or division. If funds are to be used for projects that have been done before, appropriate reasoning must be given as to why.” The answer is YES, but it cannot be due to shortcomings in fundraising! Acceptable situations include excessive need due to COVID, Club closure and a new Club has absorbed the program, etc.
  3. Can you be awarded two grants in the same year? YES but not from the same program. For example, your Club can be awarded a mini grant and a Wil and Rachel Blechman grant.
  4. Is there a grant process? YES, all grant applications are reviewed. There is no guarantee grant application with Florida Kiwanis Foundation.
  5. Are mini grants only for small clubs? The mini grant program was designed to assist Clubs with new projects. According to our guidelines, “Priority for these awards is given to the smaller clubs, of 35 members or less, with limited-service budgets.”  However larger Clubs may always apply.
  6. Can emergency funds be given to individuals? No, the emergency funds are designated for an emergency disaster and Kiwanis Clubs and Divisions can apply for these funds. Examples of fund usages are food, clothing, and temporary comfort, both physical and emotional.
  7. Is there someone I can call with my grant questions? Yes, please call our office! It would be our pleasure to walk you through ANY questions you may have. Call today 904-242-6776

Thank you for your interest in our grant programs. It is our honor to serve Florida Kiwanis Clubs and Divisions!



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