Matching Grant Application

Note the deadline for the application to be submitted (Cycle 1 – December 15 and Cycle 2 – June 15). If the application is not received by the deadline date, it will not be considered in the current cycle but will be carried over to the next application cycle.

  Complete all parts of the application. Use additional sheets as necessary.

 Have your Club President sign the application.

 Have your Division’s Lieutenant Governor sign the application.

 Have your Division’s Foundation Trustee sign the application.

 Mail the application to the address shown on the front of the application by the deadline date. The address is plainly written on the application form.

The Grants Committee of the Florida Kiwanis Foundation will consider all grant requests received by the deadline. The Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees as to what should be funded. The Board of Trustees makes its final decision at one its semi-annual Board Meetings. You will be notified of the Board’s action within a few days of the Board meeting.

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