Good Morning Florida Kiwanis Foundation Officers and Trustees, 

Today is a special day for the Florida Kiwanis Foundation. June 30th, today, marks our “Golden Jubilee.” There is no doubt fifty years of service is an incredible milestone! This year we have taken time to reflect and honor our past by recognizing leaders, volunteers, and traditions. What has our fifty years looked like? It has been‚Ķ

  • 50 years of investing in our future leaders
  • 50 years of service to Florida’s children and families
  • 50 years of impact to the Florida District of Kiwanis Clubs and Divisions
  • 50 years of legacy building

As we reflect on the past with the guidance of Committee Chairs, we come together to plan for tomorrow and the vision of the future. We know tomorrow holds even more promise!

A special thank you to each of you! Your dedication and continued support allows your Florida Kiwanis Foundation to continue making a significant impact in the state of Florida. It is only with your assistance that the Foundation can provide so much financial support to worthy projects and programs statewide. Again, thank you!

Last but most importantly, we thank, recognize, and honor our generous donors. Our growth and success is a direct reflection of our members’ generosity! It is these caring individuals who have been essential in our 50 years of dedication, service, and crafting a legacy for children.¬†

On that note, we want to celebrate our 50th anniversary with you! Tonight we are launching our multi-week webinar series focusing on early childhood development. Wil and Rachel Blechman will be hosting 9 experts in the field to provide a comprehensive view of the issues and possibilities of this stage of human development. 

The Jubilee Webinar:Young Children Priority One series guest speakers will include: Rebecca Parlakian, Dr. Peter Gorski, Rachel Giannini, Dr. Phyllis Kalifeh, Dr. Mimi Graham, Zackary Gibson, Tommy Mills, James Wylie, and Dr. Walter Drew! The webinar dates are as follows: June 30, July 7, July 14, and July 21. 

Please join us TONIGHT at 7 pm! 

Zoom Webinar Link Below:

We look forward to seeing you tonight and thank you again! 


With gratitude,

 Ali Lauer

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