Are you a good match?

We have a new downloadable spring matching sheet for your little one! Matching and sorting exercises are critical in helping children to develop their problem solving skills! Please share your work with us. It is an easy snap and share on facebook! Download it now!

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Coloring Contest

In honor of K-Kids week, we want to kick off our coloring contest. Show off your skills for a chance to win a $100 Lego set! We can’t wait to see how you color one of our brand new coloring pages. To enter, click the link below to download a coloring page. Print it...

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Color Your Mask

This festive mask is a wonderful addition to any party! Perfect for Mardi Gras! Share your colorful mask with us!   Download now!!!   #Learn #Grow #Children #Education #Early #Little #YCPO #FloridaKiwanisFoundation #Service #Leaders #Students #Future #Community...

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You bring color to our lives

We KNOW coloring inside and outside the lines is important for children! Also we know early childhood requires loves, patience, guidance, and care. In celebration of Valentine's Day, we wanted to share a special coloring page with you and your family!   Download...

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Will I see my shadow?

Cut out the voting slips and have your children, grandchildren or students make their prediction! Click below and don't forget to have FUN! Click on the picture!

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What color shape do you prefer?

This month your FKF is focusing on shapes! What is your favorite color square?   Download now!!!   #Learn #Grow #Children #Education #Early #Little #YCPO #FloridaKiwanisFoundation #Service #Leaders #Students #Future #Community #AmazingLeaders #KiwanisFamily

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Emergency Grants Now Open- LEARN MORE!

Board of Trustees, President Arlene has asked that this message be sent out to our Foundation Board of Trustees that a state of emergency has been declared by the Governor of the State of Florida for the areas of Florida that may be affected by yesterday's storm....

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2024 Golf Tournament

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