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One child, one community at a time.

At the Florida Kiwanis Foundation, we believe in creating a brighter future for children across the state through impactful service projects and leadership programs. This is made possible through strategic annual partnerships, aiming for a broader and significant statewide impact to change children’s futures.

Kids shouldn’t feel helpless about their future

Incredible kids are missing opportunities to make a real impact on their communities and obtain real-life leadership skills simply because they lack the knowledge of resources available.

  • Lack of support for youth leadership
  • Underfunded community initiatives
  • Overlooked potential in marginalized groups
  • Scarce financial support for leadership development

Your partnership with the Florida Kiwanis Foundation can change that!

Made to help

The Florida Kiwanis Foundation brings over 50 years of experience in crafting future generations. Our mission is to support Kiwanis Clubs and service projects dedicated to children’s futures through community partnerships.


Mini Grants

Provides funding for small Kiwanis Clubs to execute new projects aligning with Kiwanis objectives.


Young Children Priority One

Grants and educational opportunities for children from pregnancy through age five.


Service Leadership Programs:

Financial support for annual leadership development programs.


Matching Grants

Funds for lasting impact structures and projects in communities statewide.

Partnership Levels

By partnering with us, you contribute to the development of future leaders, creating a ripple effect of positive change in various sectors. Your investment will be specific and measurable.

frequently asked questions

What is the mission of the Florida Kiwanis Foundation (FKF)?

The Florida Kiwanis Foundation (FKF) is dedicated to leaving a legacy for children districtwide through Kiwanis Club service projects and student leadership programs. The foundation partners with organizations to create a more significant statewide impact and ultimately change children’s futures.

How can organizations partner with the Florida Kiwanis Foundation?

Organizations can partner with FKF by choosing from tailored partnership packages that align with their community involvement and marketing needs. There are various partnership levels, each offering different benefits, including exclusive benefits for the highest level partners.

What events does the Florida Kiwanis Foundation organize?

KF organizes multiple events, including:

  • Meet + Greets: Monthly Zoom presentations with guest speakers on early childhood topics.
  • Annual Golf Tournament: An event supporting Florida’s children, held in conjunction with the Florida District of Kiwanis convention.
  • Semi-Annual Board Meetings: Meetings that provide updates and visibility to annual partners, held both in-person and virtually.
What are the benefits of partnering with FKF?

Benefits for partners include:

  • Social media highlighting and tagging.
  • Logo inclusion on FKF branded materials for selected events.
  • Highlighting the brand on the FKF website.
  • Annual Conference Exhibitor Feature.
  • Sponsor banner highlighting at every convention and event.

And most importantly, supporing our on-going mission to serve Florida’s children.

Download the brochure to learn more.

How does the Florida Kiwanis Foundation support its mission?

FKF supports its mission through various programs and grants, such as:

  • Young Children: Priority One: Focused on improving the physical and mental well-being of young children.
  • Service Leadership Programs: Providing financial support for leadership development.
  • Mini Grants and Matching Grants: Funding for new projects and permanent structures.
  • Emergency & Disaster Relief: Providing aid during state emergencies.
  • David & Donna Batelaan Grants: Supporting programs for young people with physical disabilities.
Who can I contact with questions?

Visit the Contact Us page for your preferred method of connecting with the Florida Kiwanis Foundation or send us an email at

We look forward to sharing more about how your partnership can grow your business and impact Florida’s children!

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